Favorite Things

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch- I wanted a Michael Kors Rose Gold for years.  As a single mom I could not justify paying that amount of money for a watch though.  After all, Sears has watches for $14.99 that tell the same time. But one grand Christmas Day my sweet love gave me a box....oh and the beauty in that box...see below :)
Caffeine Free Diet Coke - Seriously. For years I was a Diet Coke addict..to the point where I would get migranes if I didn't have it.  I tried multiple times to quit drinking it and the  most I could go was 6 months.  Then I found a trick! Caffiene Free Diet Coke.  It doesn't have the caffiene to get addicted to and the soda bubbles trick my brain into thinking I have the fix! Ta Da!
MAC Lashes - Size 36 - Have no clue how I have not added these aleady, but my utmost favorite things are these MAC Cosmetics Eyelashes.  They come in all lengths and sizes but the 36's are my abosolute favs. The are long on the outer sides or your eye and shorter on the inside.  I wear them almost every time I go out! You can buy these for $16.00 at any MAC counter but I ALWAYS go to Edgar at the Saks Fifth Avenue Mac Counter. He's awesome! 

Kleenex Hand Towels: Ever go into someone's guest bathroom and not know if the towels were for hand drying of just decoration? Hate constantly washing bathroom towels? Here is the perfect solution. Kleenex Hand Towels are nicer than paper towels and provide a perfect solution for guest bathrooms! Each sheet just gets thrown away and at $2.75 the price is right.  I bought 3M wall stickers for $1.10 and stuck them to the back and put these right on the wall.  Loving it!

Gucci II Eau De Perfume Spray : I don't have much to say about this stuff other than YUMMY! It smells so good you will want to smell yourself all day. lol.  It costs between $46 and $80 depending on size and is available at Macy's, Dillards, Nordstrom, Neiman's and probably Sephora and Ulta. 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation: A little over a year ago I was studying in the pool for the Texas Bar exam everyday without wearing sunblock.  I ended up with sun damage on my cheeks.  They were very rosy red and I would not leave the house without makeup which I previously never had a problem doing.  About four months ago I bought this Neutrogena foudnation because it had sunblock in it. I never intended or thought it would help clear up my rosy red sundamaged cheeks.. I thought that was just permanent and I hated them! This stuff had really drastically helped diminish the sun damage.  It is really amazing.  I can leave the house with no make up again.  The best part...it is only $10 at walgreens or CVS or another drugstore.  I really really love this stuff!

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock:  I bought this this weekend and my daughter and I used it....not a hint of redness on our skin today.  It goes on when you are wet from the pool, sweat and stay on in the humidity.  Also has SPF's of 85, 50 and 30.  We used 85 and it worked soooooo well!  I purchased it on sale for $9 and it's worth every dime.  Bye Bye sun spots and red irritated skin!

Nikon Coolpix Camera - I have had this camera for 3 years now and I love it just as much as the day I bought it.  I'm sure there are super cool new ones that are thinner or more lightweight, but this one suits me just fine.  It is able to take pictures that can be enlarged to 8 x 10 and larger without blurr and fits in a small purse, unlike bulky professional cameras.  It holds hundred of pics and also shoots video.  Photos and videos are easily downloaded to the computer and automatically erased from the camera.   All this and it's only around $70!!!! It's a steal!

Reisling - I like wine, but have only recently been drinking it.  Some reds can  be waaaay strong and tend to turn newbie wine drinkers away from wine alltogether.  What I found was starting with Whites give allows for an easier transition into wine drinking.  My favorite is a very sweet wine called Reisling.  It's  soft, sweet taste is perfect with almost any dinner from steak to hot dogs. If you are new to wine or an avid wine connoisseur you should definately check it out.

High Waist Swimwear -  These are fantastic for Mom's who don't want to give in to the old lady one pieces, yet feel many bikini's are inappropriate to wear to the pool with your children.  Modcloth.com, Deisnger Rosa Cha and Victoria Secret all carry different versions of these poolside dazzlers.  These are a bit pricey though ranging from $89 to $400. 

Mac Lady Gaga Viva Glam Lipgloss - I am mac makeup junkie but this is really my favorite lip gloss at mac.  It's a great color and long lasting and 100% of the proceeds go to the Mac Aids fund.  Pick one up from Edgar at the Mac counter in the Saks Fifth Avenue Store at the Houston Galleria.