About Me

Daniell M. Davis

I am really not a fan of "About Me" sections or lengthy bios disclosing all the boring details about myself. That being said, I'll just sum up the basics. I was born in Lubbock, Texas to two young unsuspecting parents who had no clue what they were getting into.  When I was one we moved to Houston where my two brothers were born and we have been here ever since.  I went through the public school system within the Alief Independent School District and then was fortunate enough to be able to attend college. I studied Journalism at Stephen F. Austin State University and graduated in 2004.  After college I had my daughter and was a productive member of the workforce for two years and then decided to apply to law school.  The next three years of my life were spent working and taking classes at South Texas College of Law.  I earned my Juris Doctorate in May, 2010.  I married the love of my life on March 29, 2015 and gained a teenage son in the process.  I'm currently expecting Baby Davis in February of 2016.  Oh and I go by Dani Marie. 

This blog has no intended purpose. That is, I have no interest in convincing my audience to adopt my point of view or to think like me. I simply love to write and wish to encourage others to be aware of local and worldwide issues.  I welcome concurring and dissenting opinions. After all, freedom of speech did not come easy.

I also am not dedicated to a specific niche or topic. I write about things that are of importance to me or that I enjoy. You will see legal issues discussed, local politics, but also mommy issues and just day to day things I encounter and wish to share.

I have also added a "favorite things" page where I will showcase the some of the things I enjoy and where to get them!

Thanks so much for reading!