Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Texans Poem (A little corny but whatev)


Happy New Year blog readers! This weekend my heart will be torn in two as my dear Texans face off against my love Tom Brady.  How does a girl with New England heritage and Texas roots proceed…

I'll tell ya how! She moves forward in a JJ Watt shirt and screaming for her bulls on parade!

Twas the week before the AFC Division game, when all through the city;
Stirred all the Houston believers, mixed with Cowboy haters that we pity;
The cleats of Texans are hung in their lockers with care;
Getting ready for Foxboro, cause they will soon be there;
The players are working late nights with their team;
While visions of the Super Bowl dance in their dreams;
KJ rocks her Johnson Jersey and I in my Battle Red;
Will settle on the couch to watch our team knock’em dead;

Brady should be worried because Watt is making a clatter;
With 81 tackles and 20 sacks he’s cause a lot of chatter;
If I could go to New England , I’d get there in a flash;
Hop off of the plane and throw on a field pass!;

The cold temperatures are awaiting , with possible snow;
And at midday in New England, Houston will be screaming “Let’s Go”!;
When what to my wondering eyes should appear;
But a Texans  D-line that most teams would fear!;

Then emerges from the sideline someone handsome but a bit shady;
I knew in a flash, it must be TOM BRADY!;
But more rapid than eagles the Texans they came!;
And we’ll whistle and shout and we’ll call them by name!;

Go Johnson, Go Foster, Go Daniels, Go Tate!;
Go Reed, Go Schaub, Go Watt and Go Yates! ;
To the end of the field, to the end zone we go;
Now drive those patriots right into the snow!!!;

 It will surely be tough as the Texans push to their limits;
And try not to lose the game in the first 5 minutes!;
So up to New England the Texans are rushing;
With Foster head of that department,  the results will be crushing;
The Texans don’t fear Gillete stadium with no roof;
Because the Bulls on Parade are pawing their hoofs;
The Pats will draw in their playbooks but when they turn around;
Down the field, Foster rushes to the end zone with a bound;
We’ll be dressed in red, white and blue from out head to our cleats;
We’ll have stains of grass and blood before we settle for defeat! ;
A bundle of tricks we have in our sack and;
We’ll look angry and viscous right before we attack;

His eyes how they twinkle and his dimples how merry;
Okay I need to focus because number twelve’s  married!;
Ok back to the Texans, we all want New England flattened;
And to leave sweet Tom Brady saying “WATT just happened?”;
 So let’s all throw watch parties and invite your whole crew;
C’mon Romo and Bryant there’s room for you too!;
We’ll leave all the north speechless as we head out of sight;
Have a great week all my Texans fans and too all a Good Night!;